Nine Lives (2016)

 Comedy, Family, Fantasy

Tom Brand is a businessman who's driven to be the best, and his attitude ruined his first marriage and caused a rift between him and his son who now works for him who strives for his approval. He's now married to his second wife who's a little more tolerant of him and has a daughter. It's her birthday.and all she wants for years is a cat which he refuses to give. But not wanting to disappoint her gives in and goes to a pet store called Purr-kins. The owner who's a little weird, tells him he doesn't pick the cat, the cat picks him. And the cat that picked is called Mr. Fuzzypants. Brand is on his way home for the party when he decides to see Ian Cox, one of his people who's in charge of making the "tallest building in the Northern Hemisphere", when he learns that another building will be taller. They have argument that ends with Brand firing Cox but there's a storm and Brand is blown off the building along with the cat. He falls to the ground when he passes out and wakes up in the cat's body and sees his body is unconscious. The owner of the pet shop goes to see him, apparently he knows what happened to him and can talk to him. He tells him to figure out why this happened to him. His wife and daughter take him home. He acts all crazy which drives them mad but he slowly comes to realize how much he has ignored them. He also learns that Ian is trying to take the company public and his son whom he has also mistreated is trying to stop him. 


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