People Like Us (2012)

 Comedy, Drama

New York based Sam Harper - a "salesman" who works for Allied Barter Trade, which deals solely in bartering overstocked goods and as such does not pay corporate taxes with no money trading hands - does whatever he can, besides coming right out and saying so, that he does not want to attend his father's funeral in Los Angeles. The reason is that he didn't much like his father, Jerry Harper, a music business executive, who he felt treated him distantly his entire life. By association, he has a strained relationship with his mother, Lillian Harper, for purposefully staying out of her and Jerry's lives, she more being collateral damage in Jerry and Sam's estrangement. Regardless, Sam's supportive girlfriend, Hannah, is able to get him onto a plane to Los Angeles. Sam learns from Ike Rafferty, the family's lawyer, that Jerry has a post-mortem task for him: to deliver a shaving kit to Josh Davis, the kit filled with $150,000 cash. Sam further learns that eleven year old Josh, a smart-aleck of a boy prone to acting out, is the son of single working mom and recovering alcoholic Frankie Davis, the half sister (i.e. Jerry's illegitimate daughter) he never knew he had, and that Frankie knew of Jerry being her father, who dropped out of her life when she was only a child. With all this knowledge at hand, Jerry contemplates if he will hand the money over to Frankie and Josh, especially as he is facing not only money but legal issues back in New York stemming from a barter situation gone bad, let alone if he will introduce himself to her as her half brother. Sam does decide to speak and ultimately get to know Frankie, which may further factor into what he decides to do, he knowing that the longer he waits to tell her truth, the harder it will be both for him and for her. 


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