The Thinning (2016)


The Thinning is set on a earth suffering from overpoplulation. To control the population, every year students from 1st to 12th grade have to take an aptitude test and only the smartest will pass. If you fail, you will be killed. A girl named Laina Michaels will fight her way to show that she passed even when she is told she had failed the test with help from Blake Redding.

Set in a not so distant future where the earth is becoming overpopulated and in order to control the population students have to take a test and the ones that fail are euthanized. Laina Michaels and Blake Redding discover that the tests were rigged so they need to work together to expose and take down the system.

It takes place in the future where a student aptitude test decides whether you continue to live your life. Two high school students, Blake Redding and Laina Michaels, are against it and are willing to do whatever it takes to take the system down before it's too late. 


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